Larry’s Favorite Things Day 12: All of You!

Larry Loves You!

We all love getting a great deal, like getting 40% more kibble for the same low price. That’s a deal I won’t shake my tail at. Over the past year, I’ve had the pleasure of watching the ANCILE Customer Success team fine tuning and innovating like a pack of sled dogs preparing for the Iditarod. By the way, you won’t find me there – too chilly for this pug’s fancy.

For one, they gave me a new look and made reading my blog much more fun and engaging. They implemented this thing called KCS to help you get quicker answers to questions, 24X7. When I first heard about KCS I thought it stood for Kibble, Chewing and Snoozing – several of my other favorite things – boy was I wrong. They also have been devoting more and more time to reaching out to our customers to find out how things are going and how they can help you get greater value from your ANCILE solutions investment. If they happen to give you a ring, I’d encourage you to pick up!

The ANCILE Customer Success team is dedicated to helping our customers get more bang for your buck and word on the street is that they have more planned for next year. Why do they do this? For you, our customers, my most favorite thing of all! Let me take a “paws” and thank you for another yappy year! Best wishes and Happy Holidays from me and the ANCILE Customer Success pack!