Larry’s Favorite Things Day 5: ANCILE Team Vanguard

Puppy present.

I like to be smarter than other dogs on the block, and as a member of ANCILE Team Vanguard (ATV), it’s clear to me that I’m the smoothest operator around.

When you join ATV, you’ll not only learn things about ANCILE and its products sooner, but you’ll also be able to influence product direction. Just ask some of the current ATV members who, in the last year have provided my friends at ANCILE their opinions on a variety of product features, such as the new online uPerform manuals, context sensitive help revisions, and new eLearning enhancements. All of these new features are better because they’ve heard from the real users of the product–you.

There are other benefits as well. You get to share experiences with other customers in the ATV community, and you’ll receive special invitations and discounts to ANCILE events.

So don’t just sit on your stoop. Walk–no, run! to apply for ATV membership today.

For more detailed information see this article on the ANCILE Intelligence Hub.