Larry’s Favorite Things Day 4: New Online uPerform Manuals

Dog working at the computer. Side view of funny dog using computer while isolated on white

This year my friends at ANCILE transformed their PDF product manuals into an online format to create a new online uPerform Product Manuals web site for version 5.3. Here are a few reasons why the new online manuals made my favorite things list:

  • The online content is now searchable from the search box. Just type in any keyword or phrase and content from the manuals will be returned. No more downloading the PDF and searching.
  • They added the Google Website Translate feature which allows you to change the language of the manuals. Keep in mind the translations are Google’s default translations and have not been reviewed by ANCILE.
  • The most up-to-date content is always available in smaller, easier to consume articles. No more waiting for the next release to get updated information.

Head over here to check them out!