Larry’s Favorite Things Day 2: The 2016 ANCILE Learning Series

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One of my favorite things to do this time of year is plug in my headphones, relax in front of the computer, and catch up on some ANCILE Learning Series webinars and courses that I missed earlier. Did you miss the live Learning Series webinar last week? It’s available now on the Intelligence Hub! Before I settle in to watch, I’ll tell you a bit more about that and the other Learning Series offerings the ANCILE Customer Success Team created in 2016.

  • Best Practices for Creating Projects in uPerform 
    Is your organization about to start a new uPerform project? Are you new to the role of uPerform Administrator or looking to refresh your skills on how to create and manage projects in uPerform? Well, this webinar’s for you! Join ANCILE’s Team Cronos to learn what a uPerform project is, how to set up your Document Library and Website folders, how to maintain project properties and more. They will also be sharing plenty of best practice recommendations along the way.
  • Unlock the Knowledge of Your Subject Matter Experts with uPerform Rapid Recorder
    Did you know you can have a subject matter expert (SME) create a uPerform recording without a full uPerform installation — and better yet — no training on how to use the solution? The Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Customer Success Team have made this process even easier with:
    • A quick demonstration of how to create and assign a task to an SME, with an optional Recorder Profile so you don’t have to worry about their Recorder settings
    • A quick demonstration you can send to your SMEs on how to install and use the Rapid Recorder
    • Tips and best practices for administrators when working with SMEs using Rapid Recorder 
  • ANCILE uPerform Configuration Wizard Bite-Size Overview
    For this Learning Series offering, the Collaborators Customer Success Team have described the various scenarios in which the Configuration Wizard can be used in a new and easy to ‘consume’ format. Within this article you will find best practices and bitesize demonstrations showing how to use the Configuration Wizard to:
    • Change the URL of your uPerform website
    • Change your uPerform product key
    • Configure your uPerform website to use HTTPS/SSL
    • Configure your uPerform website to use NTLM authentication
    • Configure your uPerform website to use SAML authentication
  • New in ANCILE uPerform 5.3
    ANCILE uPerform 5.3 is now available, so watch this webinar to see what’s new, including some great new features for your eLearning courses. You’ll get the details and a few demos on what we’re doing to help you enhance learner engagement. Plus, you can get a quick glimpse of what’s new in ANCILE uGuide. We’ll share how you can use new analytics features to report on uGuide’s in-application guidance for web applications.
  • The ANCILE uPerform Template Series
    The Customer Success Team worked together to create a six-part series of courses on everything you need to know about uPerform Templates.

    • ANCILE uPerform Templates Part 1: Publications and Formats
      Templates are all about managing your uPerform publications, so this is where our template series will begin. In this course, ANCILE’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. will explain what each of the available publications and formats are, and why you may or may not want to use them. You will also learn how to control which publications and formats are available to your end-users, how to customize the names of your publications, and how to change the order in which your end-users see the available publications on the uPerform Server.
    • ANCILE uPerform Templates Part 2: Managing Properties
      Properties can affect many aspects of your uPerform project, and it is important to consider which properties you’ll need and how you’ll use them when you are configuring your uPerform Template. In this course, ANCILE’s Collaborators team will explain the various ways that properties are utilized in your project including reports, context-sensitive help, the creation of dynamic website folders, and more. You will also learn how to enable and disable properties in your template, how to create custom properties, how authors can enter property values  in their documents, and how you can control which property values your authors can select to ensure consistency.
    • ANCILE uPerform Templates Part 3: Languages and Phrases
      In this eLearning course, ANCILE’s Team Cronos will show you how the language settings in your uPerform Template affect your translation options, and how you can customize the default text (even if you’re only using one language) in your recordings and other publications using the phrases in your template.
    • ANCILE uPerform Templates Part 4: Blocks and Sections
      In this eLearning course, ANCILE’s Team Sunrise will explain how Blocks and Sections are used to build your uPerform publications. By working with Blocks and Sections, you can add, remove, and rearrange default content in your end user publications. You will learn how to automatically display document properties in your documents, modify your headers and footers, create custom note types, best practices for working with Blocks and Sections, and much more.
    • ANCILE uPerform Templates Part 5: Branding Your Publications
      In this eLearning course, ANCILE’s OceansSeven will show you how to quickly and easily update the logos, colors, and fonts in your uPerform publications to match your brand standards by modifying the images and styles right in the uPerform Template. They’ll also provide many resources for more advanced customizations.
    • ANCILE uPerform Templates Part 6: Creating New Publication Types with Custom Settings
      In the final eLearning course in our uPerform Template series, ANCILE’s Orange Army will show you how you can make a new publication that is truly your own, and explain how you can solve common business challenges using the Custom Settings option in the template for both new and out of the box publication types.