Boost User Adoption by Enabling Context Sensitive Help with uPerform

young businessman in suit and tie sitting at office desk working on computer laptop asking for help holding cardboard sign looking sad and depressed in business stress and overwork concept

User adoption of business applications is maximized when the right help content is delivered at the right time, at the user’s moment of need.

Context sensitive help in ANCILE uPerform delivers guidance at the moment of need and in the right format. Help is accessed right from within the business application or web browser, all created from a single uPerform recording. Context sensitive help means users no longer have to search for help; instead the relevant guidance is launched from within the application or web browser.

The uPerform Server works in conjunction with Help Launchpad to provide context sensitive help within the SAP GUI for Windows and HTML GUI environments. In addition, you can specify a context sensitive help solution directly from the uPerform Server for SAP Enterprise Portal (SAP EP), SAP CRM Web Client, SAP SRM 7 Shopping application, Oracle E-Business, PeopleSoft, web applications, and Siebel. We are now providing a context sensitive help solution for SAP Fiori and UI5 applications, including applications in the SAP HANA Cloud Platform (Intelligence Hub log in required).

Context sensitive help is quick and easy to implement and if you are not already making use of this feature of uPerform, we encourage you to review the following webinar references available on the ANCILE Intelligence Hub:

For more information about setting up context sensitive help in a range of business applications please also refer to the “Setting up Online Help” chapter of the Managing Content with ANCILE uPerform user manual for your version on the Intelligence Hub and our Context Sensitive Help for SAP Fiori and UI5 in ANCILE uPerform 5.3 white paper (log in required).