Meet Gregory Molo: uPerform Super User

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In this series, we will provide you with firsthand accounts from ANCILE’s Super Users. What is a Super User, you ask? Picture the individual in your organization who everyone can contact with a uPerform question. This person has been using the solution for a long time and knows it almost as well as our Customer Success team members. Super Users have been known to inform and delight other uPerform users with their knowledge and expertise in the ANCILE Community and when attending various APUG and ASUG events.

Read our second installment to meet Gregory Molo, uPerform administrator and advocate!

What is your job title/role within General Motors Holdings and what are your responsibilities?

I am the Senior SAP Training Analyst and my role is based upon several SAP modules. We develop training materials for these modules, which includes the extensive use of uPerform.

I support four different organizations, two of which are SAP and two which are non-SAP.  We use uPerform for both SAP and non-SAP training documentation and materials.

How long have you been using uPerform and what uPerform-related roles (Administrator/Author/End User) have you held?

I’ve been using uPerform since it was RWD Info Pak prior to uPerform.

I was introduced to Info Pak when I was still a consultant on a project where they needed to add a trainer. I came in as an author for training materials and started from there. Prior to my position at GM, I was using Info Pak on consulting projects with four other organizations.

Approximately how many published uPerform documents and courses has your organization created?


We use a full arrangement, including concept slides (PowerPoint® presentations as managed documents), QRG’s (Quick Reference Guides), Data Exercise Sheets, BPP’s [uPerform documents] and Courses.

Does your position require travel?  When traveling, how do you easily manage your uPerform projects and tasks?

Whenever I’m in Atlanta, Detroit, or other locations, I am able to easily administer uPerform from each of these locations using the uPerform admin site.

Austin is my home location, but I find it easy to use uPerform anywhere.

Do you use a custom skin for your uPerform website? How has your organization used this feature?

We will after next Saturday! I am managing the creation of that. It will be going live in about 10 days.

We used Default Skin 03 and added our branding to it, including GM logos and our blue, white and gray standard colors.

What is your favorite feature in uPerform?

Being able to move from the Simulation view to Document view when authoring a BPP in the uPerform Client. You can see the simulation and understand what it looks like as development occurs.

We utilize workflow and annotation for the approval process while creating BPP’s.

Is your organization utilizing Text to Speech functionality with uPerform?

We actually are in the process of putting TTS in place and it is one of the things we are currently working on. The server has been enabled for 3 different TTS voices, and we are now deploying them to authors and end users.

Can you share a scenario when the ANCILE Customer Success team guided you through a challenging situation?

Hmmmm… Customer Success was very helpful in assisting us while we were going through the upgrade to 5.20. We were having  challenges understanding how the upgrade would affect us. ANCILE’s support team recommended that we create a Dev [development] environment to test the new version of uPerform before we updated our Production environment. Customer success worked with us from start to finish making sure the development site was created.

What makes uPerform a valuable training resource for your organization?

A multitude of reasons! We are in the process of getting BPP’s updated to reflect so many new processes and uPerform is enabling us to complete this process easily.

We are also looking forward to implementing uAlign this year to streamline the training and documentation process at General Motors even further.