Using Video Content with ANCILE uPerform

Videos are a valuable tool to make training content more exciting and engaging. They are becoming a common component in the delivery of training to staff and a valuable addition to the traditional forms of training and performance support.

According to Forrester Research, employees are 75 percent more likely to watch a video than to read documents, emails or web articles. This means that video has a crucial part to play in creating the right level of engagement with learning content.
Since version 4.5 of ANCILE uPerform we have included the ability to include videos in your eLearning Courses created with uPerform. Beginning with uPerform 5.30 released in May this year, it is possible to embed web videos in courses by including the valid embed code provided by third party site. This has the benefit of also keeping eLearning course files smaller as the video is referenced rather than being saved within the published output.

Some tips for using videos within your courses are:

Note: the hyperlinks above reference knowledge base articles on the ANCILE Intelligence Hub. A logon and password to the Hub is needed to access the links for additional information.

ANCILE also appreciate the benefits of a short “How to Video” to educate and promote adoption of our uPerform product features and functionality. We recommend you view our series of 12 short 3 minute ANCILE uPerform How to Videos on YouTube.

The use of videos in learning and development strategies is on the increase as companies mobilize their staff on smart devices, bring tablets into the training rooms and deliver more training content online. ANCILE is aware of these trends and the desire for more video options and the uPerform product roadmap for the future includes the addition of a new video output format. Stay tuned to News & Announcements on the ANCILE Intelligence Hub and the Larry blog for when this enhancement becomes generally available.