How to Win Friends and Influence Software

Dictionary definition of the word influence.

If you’re wondering how your thoughts and ideas can have a direct impact on features and functionality of ANCILE software, wonder no more.

As our products evolve and new features and functionality are considered, ANCILE conducts frequent product usability testing. The testing can range from a quick online survey, to a self-guided Q&A, to a one-on-one session with our usability engineer. Previous examples of tests include course animations feature (now included in our 5.3 release); uPerform Search experience; and online uPerform manuals (coming soon!).

At ANCILE we listen to our customers, and we’d like to hear from you the next time we have research and validation projects ongoing. The best way to get involved is to join the ANCILE Team Vanguard. As a member, you’ll receive notices whenever we have a new project to join.

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