The Secret to Silent Installs for uPerform Client Updates

With the recent release of uPerform 5.30 and now the 5.30.2 Update, you might be considering a silent “push” install of the uPerform Client to your authors. Have you successfully installed your major version of uPerform silently in the past, but found the silent install of your uPerform update fails?

This could be due to changes made concerning the installation process. Beginning with uPerform version 5.0, the ANCILE Capture Engine is installed separately for recording on author machines. If an Update includes changes to the Capture Engine, you will find a separate InstallShield Response (.ISS) file in the zipped installation package for the Update.  For the silent install of the 5.xx.x Updates, this file needs to be in the same location as the executable and included in the command line when executing the silent install.

Note: The 5.30.2 Update does NOT include any changes to the Capture Engine, so there is not an .ISS file included in the package.

For instructions on how to install the update silently, check out How do I perform a silent install of the uPerform Client and/or Client updates?, written by Gary Girard of ANCILE’s Team Cronos and Dony Lee of ANCILE’s Team Sunrise on the Intelligence Hub.