Learn How to Create Your Own Publication Type in the Final Course of our uPerform Template Series

You probably know about Work Instructions, Cue Cards and Quick References–some of the default Publication Types available with ANCILE uPerform–but what if you need something a little different?  Or maybe you’d like to enable some features for your Work Instructions, but leave them out of your Cue Cards. The final course in our Template series will show you how.

In ANCILE uPerform Templates Part 6: Creating New Publication Types with Custom SettingsANCILE’s Orange Army will show you how you can make a new publication that is truly your own, and explain how you can solve common business challenges using the Custom Settings option in the template for both new and out of the box publication types.

You can now take all of the (completely free) uPerform Template Series eLearning courses here on the Intelligence Hub. If you have a question about any of the courses, please ask in the comments section of the course page.