uPerform Template Styles Explained

“Hmmm… what exactly does that uPerform Template Style do to my published output?”

Do you find yourself playing with template styles to achieve the result you are seeking in a uPerform document, simulation or course?  Are you a little unclear as to what each template style achieves? If so, check out these new Intelligence Hub Knowledgebase articles by Linda Contreras of the Orange Army Customer Success Team:

Template Styles Used in ANCILE uPerform Documents and Simulations

Template Styles Used in ANCILE uPerform Courses

Linda’s articles provide information to help ANCILE uPerform authors and administrators understand the template styles relating to the elements they control in uPerform Publications. For quick reference, she has also included a detailed table and diagram.

Additionally, the ANCILE Customer Success Team has been working on a six-part series of eLearning courses about that is all about templates.  If you find Linda’s article informative, you’ll love the courses, which each covers a different aspect of uPerform Templates.Find out more about the upcoming courses in the series, and take the first four courses on the Intelligence Hub.