Publishing Errors Got You Down?

Have no fear, the MASTER article is here!

Sometimes, you may encounter problems publishing your uPerform files to Microsoft Word® and/or PDF formats due to document content or defects that have been fixed in a more recent version or release. The Customer Success Team has been hard at work documenting all of the possible causes of these issues along with any relevant resolutions, software updates, and workarounds. Paul Slebzak from ANCILE’s Orange Army recently put together a master article linking them all in one place, so if you encounter any issues when publishing your uPerform files to PDF or Word formats, check out his article on the Intelligence Hub and you might find a quick fix.

We encourage you to search our growing Intelligence Hub Knowledgebase for a quick answer or solution whenever you have a question,  but please do no hesitate to submit a ticket if you’d like assistance from our Customer Success Team. We’re here to help!