Customize Your uPerform Server Date Display for Your Local Region

World Map

Over 19 million users globally use ANCILE products to help them master their most-used software. As different conventions exist around the world for date and time representation, customers often wish to change the date format to match what is local to their country. While in North America a month day year format is common for example, in Australia a day month year format is used.
ANCILE recommends that your Windows Server ®, uPerform server and uPerform website dates should all reflect your local date format for consistency in reporting and other administration and authoring tasks where the date is represented.

For instructions on how to change the date format on the uPerform server, check out this article on ANCILE’s Intelligence Hub: How do I change the date format on the uPerform server?, written by Dony Lee of Team Sunrise.

See also if you’d like to learn more about the date formats common to various regions.

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