Control the Speed of Your Text to Speech Voices

Control the Speed of Text to Speech in uPerform

We all have that one friend, colleague and/or family member who seems takes FOREVER telling a story. You know, the famous family gatherings where you avoid sharing stories with this loved one as you will still be sitting at the table long after the coffee has gone cold. Have you ever experienced the opposite? The restaurant server who quickly rattles off the 7 side item options, for you to only to catch 3? And now having to ask the server to repeat everything just offered only to hear the second time around twice as fast?  Wouldn’t it be great to control the speed of speech?
Guess what? Now you can!  Well, at least in uPerform you can. Our text to speech functionality allows you to control the speed of speech playback in  version v5.2 and later. You can find the simple steps on the Intelligence Hub in our KB article, How to control the speed of text to speech playback in uPerform.

If you aren’t familiar with the text to speech functionality in uPerform, check out Using Text to Speech (TTS) Functionality in uPeform.

Now, if only we could do this for our everyday lives, that cup of coffee would never get cold or have too much sugar!