Meet ANCILE’s Team T.A.C.O.!

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Now that we’ve introduced you to the other Customer Success Scrum Teams, we’d like you to meet Team T.A.C.O. (Totally Agile Connected Owners). In a typical Agile Scrum organization you have a single Product Owner, but we aren’t a typical Agile Scrum organization. We are an Agile Customer Success team, with multiple things we consider to ensure your experience with ANCILE and our solutions is a success.

Just like a taco, our group brings a magical mash-up of unique ingredients to the table. We coach, support and enable the ANCILE Customer Success teams as they interact with our customers every day. Our wish is that working with ANCILE will be effortless and our goal is to be the most customer-focused software company on the planet.

With that said, let’s take a trip through the taco bar and check out the toppings!

Dave BacaDave “there’s no sour in our cream” Baca has been with ANCILE since late 1996 and has had the privilege of working with extraordinary people at ANCILE while watching our customer base grow from its first customer in 1999 to our most recent customer 17 years later (4400+ customers). As the Business Owner and Vice President of Customer Success, Dave is responsible for keeping the ANCILE executive team briefed on all customer and team initiatives. Part of Dave’s success in his role is his ability to establish and maintain personal connections with his organization. When not working, Dave enjoys spending time with his family watching all of his children play high school and college sports. When not on the sideline, Dave likes to keep in shape by spending time in the gym and taking long walks with his wife and longhaired miniature dachshund. Dave is a die-hard Navy Football fan (Go Navy! Beat Army…again and again!!) and having been born and raised in Denver, continues to ebb and flood with his Denver Broncos. When asked why Dave continues to call ANCILE his employer of choice, he quickly responds, “we have so many unrealized dreams as a Customer Success organization and a company that I couldn’t imagine leaving ANCILE for any other opportunity.”

Jenn DiAngeloJenn “cool beans” DiAngelo began her career with ANCILE back in the summer of ’99. In early 2001, Jenn had an exciting opportunity to join a small but expanding product support team, which at that time was one person strong. Since that time, Jenn has had the opportunity to help evolve and grow the ANCILE product support business. In Jenn’s current role of Scrum Owner, she works closely with each team to explore new and innovative ways to work together to push our appropriately rebranded Customer Success business into new dimensions. She focuses on strategy, collaboration, and forward thinking. When Jenn is not wearing her ANCILE hat, she and her husband can be found goofing around with their three kids or throwing tennis balls for their dog Cooper. She also enjoys running, biking, swimming, paddle boarding, or simply sitting in the shade with a good book.

Mike DominguesMike “pepper-jack” Domingues has been with ANCILE supporting our customers since 2001. Throughout his tenure he’s worn many hats, but in the end all of them have focused on our customers and their experience with ANCILE. He’s had the good fortune of working with the amazing team of professionals known as our Customer Success organization. In his current role as Product Owner, he focuses his attention on ensuring that we’re providing exceptional service to our customers and that all of our teams have the necessary resources, opportunities, and optimal environment to be their absolute best. In his “spare” time he enjoys traveling and hanging out with his family which includes his two bulldogs, Helga & Gertrude. He is also co-owner of a dog boarding and day care franchise – Camp Bow Wow. Dogs have always been a huge part of his life; and co-owning this facility has really allowed him to mesh his passions for business and dogs.

Karen JonesKaren “holy guacamole” Jones, our Customer Experience Owner, works with our Customer Success teams to proactively drive adoption, expansion and renewal of ANCILE products and services. She helps customers exceed their expectations of our solutions, advises on best practices, and acts as the voice of the customer internally. She’s been with ANCILE in a variety of customer-centric roles since 2008; and skills acquired earlier in her career, including marketing communications, analytics and training allow her to evangelize for all our customers, all the time. When she’s not at work she’s usually outside with friends and family enjoying the Seattle, Washington area by skiing, hiking, cycling, playing tennis or simply walking the dog. Life is good.

Chandra MullineauxChandra “get to the meat of the matter” Mullineaux started with ANCILE in 2000 as a multi-media developer, and later worked with many of our customers as a product consultant and support representative. As Communications Owner she works with the Customer Success team on creating customer-focused content for the Learning Series, the Intelligence Hub, and this blog. When she’s not working, Chandra enjoys discussing fashion, home organization, and Walt Disney World vacation planning with strangers on the Internet, cooking, eating, Pilates, and most of all spending time with her husband, two boys and adorable pitbull (the other girl in the family) in her beautiful home state of Michigan.

Sven WalterSven “HOT HOT HOT sauce” Walter joined ANCILE on April 1st 2006 (not an April fool’s joke). Before Sven joined ANCILE he spent 4 years serving at NATO as a CIS Operating and Support Agent. Sven initially started as a Tier 1 Support Rep. During his almost 10 years at ANCILE Sven has transitioned into different positions such as Tier 2 Support Rep, Team Leader Tier 1 EMEA & NA, and Customer Success Technical Advisor. He currently holds the position as Customer Success Technical Owner. He is working out of his home office in the beautiful city of Heidelberg, Germany. When not working Sven enjoys spending time with his family and working out at the gym where he usually prepares for upcoming weightlifting competitions. When asked what Sven likes best about ANCILE, he quickly responds “ The people I get to work with on a daily basis. We have a great team that comes together as one to assure our customers get world class support.”