An Easier Way to Reuse Media Files in Your uPerform Courses


Have you ever wanted to insert a frequently used image, video or audio file into an ANCILE uPerform® course only to discover that no one knows where it’s stored? Or perhaps an author asked you where you put that Adobe® Flash file that you used in your last course, and you couldn’t quite remember? Well, ANCILE uPerform offers an easy solution to this problem. You can simply embed the image, audio, video, or Adobe Flash file into the uPerform Template so you and your authors will always know where to find it.

You don’t know how? No problem. Your ANCILE Customer Success team has taken care of that. On our Intelligence Hub we have a great article that will walk you through everything you need to know to make creating your courses easier. Never worry about where that image, audio, video, or Adobe Flash file is…you’ll know because it will be right in your ANCILE uPerform Template.

Interested? Then visit our Intelligence Hub (log in required) and read the article How to embed a media file (or any file) within the uPerform template by our OceansSeven team’s Mike Castillo.

Keep your course creation simple and consistent knowing your authors will have the files they need right in your uPerform Templates.