Simplify Your uPerform Server Upgrade



The latest and greatest version of ANCILE uPerform at the time of this writing is 5.20.9 (the 5.20 full client and server install plus the 5.20.9 update). Our 5.30 release will be coming very soon.

As version 5.2x supports some of the more recent operating systems, browsers and database versions such as MS Windows Server 2012 R2, MS SQL 2012 and Internet Explorer 11, many customers have taken the opportunity over the last year to upgrade their server and database infrastructure at the same time as they have upgraded their uPerform application. Our 5.30 release will also offer support for Windows 10.

The ANCILE Customer Success team regularly are asked via support tickets to advise on upgrade steps and have just published this new Knowledgebase article titled “How to simplify the upgrade process to uPerform 5.2x” which is available now on the ANCILE Intelligence Hub (login required) to document the steps.

In brief, it is possible to move your old database to the new database, do a fresh install on the application server in the new 5.2x version, connecting and upgrading the existing databases while you are doing so. This method reduces the number of uPerform version hops needed if it has been some time since you have upgraded your uPerform Server.

The instructions are specific to certain uPerform versions (4.3x, 5.0x, 5.1x, 5.2x only) so be sure to check out the new Knowledgebase article for the full details.  You can click Follow on the article to  be notified when the article has been updated for our upcoming 5.30 release.

For specific questions related to upgrading please don’t hesitate to log them as a new support ticket with ANCILE Customer Success.

Our ANCILE Professional services staff are also able to quote on upgrade services which can include the valuable benefits of ANCILE uPerform performance support website customisation, author and administrator training. These professional services also simplify the upgrade process for your team.