The Secret to Renaming Your uPerform Templates


Tech Tuesday is on Wednesday this week. Better late than never!

Have you ever wished you would have given the template you use for your project a different name now that it’s been deployed to your server and all your authors? There are various reasons why this might be the case. Perhaps the goals of your project changed and the template name no longer makes sense? Maybe you want to use the same template for multiple projects and want to avoid confusion and give it a more generic name?

Whatever the reason, the good news is this can be easily achieved without impacting documents already created with the template. This is because uPerform documents are linked to a template via the template unique identifier and not the template name.

To change the name of an existing template on the uPerform Server, please review the following article:

Best practice procedure for renaming a template file in uPerform server

If you have any questions or run into any issues whilst trying to change the template name, you’re welcome to open up a support ticket to get assistance.