Stop the Caching! Make Sure Your End Users Always See the Latest Version of Your uPerform Documents

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Did you just update a uPerform document, publish it, then realize that your previous version is still showing? Do some users report this happening, while others are able to view new content immediately?

Your problem is caching. This is probably not a new term to you, but one you thought you were avoiding. A web cache is essentially a folder of  web pages in the user’s computer that is maintained by the browser for a period of time. If the local, cached page has not been updated on the web, it is retrieved immediately by the browser, saving download time. Unfortunately, the browser doesn’t always get the message when the page has been updated. Luckily, there is an easy setting change in Internet Explorer that will resolve this issue and can be implemented for all uPerform users in your network.

For instructions on how force Internet Explorer to check for newer versions of cached web pages, check out Paul Slebzak’s article on ANCILE’s Intelligence Hub (log-in required): How to make Internet Explorer look for newer versions of published content on the uPerform website.

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