Larry's Favorite Things Day 10: Sharing Knowledge with You

Larry Loves Knowledge


You might be surprised to find out that I’m a pretty smart dog. One thing that shouldn’t surprise you is how smart ANCILE’s Customer Success team is! They’ve been working hard again over the past couple of months on a new initiative to create more Knowledgebase articles on the Intelligence Hub to help you get answers faster. These articles are based on questions they’ve answered from customers just like you.

Here’s just a few quick samples of the over 100 new articles they’ve published to the Product Knowledgebase over the last few months (log in required to view):

How to add an “end of simulation” step to a uPerform document

How to embed a media file (or any file) in a uPerform template

How to add a custom dictionary to uPerform

How to change the search server location in uPerform environment

How to reduce the grey space surrounding the uPerform simulation screen shot

This is only the beginning. Keep an eye out for many more articles to come!