Larry's Favorite Things Day 8: The 2015 ANCILE Learning Series

pug gdog on looking at a laptop computer.


One of my favorite things to do this time of year is plug in my headphones, relax in front of the computer, and catch up on some ANCILE Learning Series webinars and courses that I missed earlier.

The Customer Success team put a lot of work into sharing their knowledge with you through these Learning Series offerings in 2015, and then put the series temporarily on hold for a few months so they can work on some other knowledge sharing efforts behind the scenes (more info on that coming next week). The Learning Series will be back in Q1 of 2016 with four more courses in their series on uPerform Templates, and I can’t wait to see those! You can stay up to date by logging into the Intelligence Hub and following the article here.

In the meantime, let’s catch up those offerings from 2015:

  • Setting Up Context Sensitive Help for SAP GUI with uPerform and Help Launchpad – During this recording the Orange Army Customer Success Team will show you how to set up Context Sensitive Help (CSH) using ANCILE Help Launchpad. We will cover an overview of CSH, preparing your uPerform templates and uPerform documents for CSH, creating Help Connection Profiles on your uPerform Server, and setting up your SAP GUI system for CSH.
  • Using uSchedule: Setting Up Automated Tasks for uPerform – In this pre-recorded MicroDemo, the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. will show you how to use the uSchedule utility with Windows Task Scheduler to automate common uPerform tasks like publishing, glossary globalization, and user account management.
  • Overview of uPerform Administration – Being a uPerform Administrator can be a busy job, especially if your company has numerous users and authors. In addition, uPerform Adminstrators have access to more areas on your uPerform website than other users. Please join The Collaborators for a look at the administrative side of uPerform and some features that may help you do your job more efficiently.
  • Beyond ERP – Setting up Context Sensitive Help for Web Pages with uPerform in Internet Explorer – You probably already know that we provide Context Sensitive Help for a variety of ERP applications, but what about websites? During this webinar, Team Cronos will show you how to use the Context Sensitive Help plug-in for Internet Explorer to provide uPerform help content for your end users.
  • Going Paperless: How ANCILE Can Support Your Move Toward a Paperless Office – During this 17 minute pre-recorded MicroDemo, Team Sunrise will highlight the benefits of a paperless office, best practices, and how ANCILE’s tools and other supporting technology can help you make this move.
  • One Fish, Two Fish, Collab Fish, Me and You Fish: An In-Depth Look at Collaborating with uPerform – Are your users on little islands of their own? Is a lot of your day-to-day know-how stored in the heads of employees? In this webinar ANCILE’s OceansSeven will show you how to use uPerform’s collaboration features to crowd-source ideas, support, and innovation, and break down knowledge silos within your organization.
  • ANCILE uPerform Templates Part 1: Publications and Formats – Templates are all about managing your uPerform publications, so this is where our template series will begin. In this course, ANCILE’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. will explain what each of the available publications and formats are, and why you may or may not want to use them. You will also learn how to control which publications and formats are available to your end-users, how to customize the names of your publications, and how to change the order in which your end-users see the available publications on the uPerform Server.
  • Advanced Custom Reporting with ANCILE uPerform – Data and reports and filters…OH MY! Tame the information “beast” and turn the raw data in your uPerform learning content into a valuable resource you can harness with custom uPerform reports.

    Do you have complex business reporting requirements? Do you often sit back and think a specific type of uPerform report would help you deliver the right type of information to your business stakeholders? If so, this course is for you! ANCILE’s Orange Army will break down aspects of custom reports and explain how uPerform reporting features like Report Type, Report Columns,  and Report Filters can be used in unique ways to extract information you never thought possible. You will also learn how to take your reports to the next level by using analytic features like SAP Crystal Reports and Excel Analytics.

  • ANCILE uPerform Templates Part 2: Managing Properties – Properties can affect many aspects of your uPerform project, and it is important to consider which properties you’ll need and how you’ll use them when you are configuring your uPerform Template. In this course, ANCILE’s Collaborators team will explain the various ways that properties are utilized in your project including reports, context-sensitive help, the creation of dynamic website folders, and more. You will also learn how to enable and disable properties in your template, how to create custom properties, how authors can enter property values  in their documents, and how you can control which property values your authors can select to ensure consistency.