Larry's Favorite Things Day 4: The ANCILE Customer Success Team

Larry loves the Customer Success Team

Today I want to give a shout out to the ANCILE Customer Success team with 43 members and over 362 years of combined experience with ANCILE’s products!

This year my friends in the ANCILE Customer Success team welcomed six fantastic new team members, including Nick Vandenberge, Jay Muller, Michael Long, Megan ChildsWill Sallard, and Linda Contreras (who started with ANCILE as a Professional Services consultant in 2011) . I’ve been sniffing around and can tell you they have already become integral members of our pack.

Several team members celebrated milestone work anniversaries in 2015 as well:

  • Bryan Diegel – 20 years
  • Chandra Mullineaux – 15 years
  • Tony Huntley – 10 years
  • Chianti Bailey – 5 years
  • Dominick Coles – 5 years
  • Takeshi Toyoda – 5 years (plus 7 years supporting ANCILE’s products as a contractor before that!)

I would like to thank the Customer Success team for welcoming me into their pack, and for working hard every day to help you get the most out of ANCILE’s products. Have you ever had a great experience with the ANCILE Customer Success team? Let us know!