Larry's Favorite Things Day 3: New Features in ANCILE uAlign

Larry loves uAlign!

If you’ve been around for awhile, you already know that ANCILE uAlign is one of my favorite things. This has been a great year for uAlign, so of course it made my list again. If you attended our APUG conference this year you already know this, but Columbia Sportswear’s presentation on uAlign was the biggest hit of the entire event! Also, my friends at ANCILE added a lot of new features that will help you get the right information, to the right people, in the right priority. Here’s just a few that really got my tail wagging:

  • Authors can create “rolling” campaigns and channel messages with a time duration instead of a fixed date range.
  • Authors can recall delivered campaign and channel messages.
  • Administrators can de-clutter their organization data and improve navigation by deleting an obsolete channel or campaign that has delivered messages.
  • Users can receive email notifications less often than daily by selecting the frequency of their “message digest” email notifications.
  • Administrators and Authors can filter the messages they see on the Manage tab.
  • To help drive users to the uAlign website, the title of the most recently sent message now shows in the subject line of email notifications and the number of  messages awaiting response shows in the first lines of the email text.
  • Administrators and Authors can ensure that all users are notified of a specific uAlign message regardless of each user’s notification settings by forcing a message to deliver a special email notification to all recipients who haven’t yet responded.
  • Users who needs additional guidance from the authors creating messages can now see the name of the message’s author when they open a uAlign message.
  • New users receiving an invitation to uAlign can be sure that uAlign is a sanctioned application in their organization and that it’s OK to accept the invitation by seeing a welcome note from their administrator within uAlign’s invitation email with login information.
  • Administrators can be sure that users aren’t ignoring welcome emails, urgent message notifications, and daily/weekly message notifications by enhancing the email to contain information about the author and the organization.
  • Users now know which questions are survey (vs graded) by showing survey and graded questions clearly in a message.
  • Administrators and Authors can find and open messages for editing quickly by searching for all messages, including draft, pending, and delivered messages.
  • Administrators in a regulated environment can show detailed compliance information by generating a user report that includes the user’s responses to each assessment question.

Whew, that’s a lot of new features, right? If you want to learn more about uAlign or sign up for a free trial, you can check our uAlign product page. If you’re an ASUG member, make sure to check out a recent presentation from our customer Columbia Sportswear – Columbia Sportswear’s Motto? Keep Calm and Go Live