Shedding Our Tiers, and Finding a Little Fame Along the Way


Earlier this month we had the honor of presenting at the TSW (Technology Services World) conference in Las Vegas, NV. Over the past year and a half we have embarked on an intense transformation to bring better focus and service to you, and the TSW community was anxious to hear about our trailblazing transformation. The topic of our presentation was “Shedding Tiers and Winning the Hearts and Minds of Your Customers and Your Team,” and we couldn’t be more proud to share our experience with you.

When we launched our transformation, our goal was clear: rapidly transform a traditional support organization to improve efficiency, drive heightened levels of customer service, and increase opportunities for team members. To address this challenge, ANCILE “shed its tiers” and applied a groundbreaking application of the Agile Scrum framework, a methodology usually reserved for software development organizations, and transformed our traditional global support team into a collaborative Customer Success team. Here’s what we anticipated would happen:


By applying Agile Scrum principles, we have been able to successfully drive our customers’ success through focused customer engagement and retention activities, relationship building, and expansion/add-on business development while still delivering stellar support services. And while these are all great statements, here are some findings and stats that have helped confirm our conclusions:

  • We were able to successfully shed our tiers and complex management hierarchy almost immediately.
  • Working closely across the scrum teams, we outlined new processes and launched customer engagement activities across all 6 Global teams.
  • We increased our proactive customer reach outs by a staggering 275%.
  • We decreased customer bouncing between teams (previously tiers) from 33% to 8%.
  • We increased our Larry blog contributors by 340% and Learning Series contributors by 580%, leading to a 57% YOY increase in customer blog readership and record breaking Learning Series customer participation.
  • We have actively maintained customer satisfaction rates of 98%.

Awesome. But what really hits home for us are the customer messages we receive, showing support for our new and groundbreaking Customer Success model. To share a few:


Finally, as we continue to grow and mature our Scrum/Agile practices both within and across our teams, we continue to see very positive uptake with teams. Here’s what a few of our own folks have to say about our Scrum adventure:


We love to talk about Scrum, how we’ve made a traditional software development framework really work for us, how we go about our day to day interactions, and what our bigger goals are for our organization. If you want to hear more, leave us a comment below!