Halloween is a fun time of year here at ANCILE. We scheme with our pals on décor and costumes, trying to win one of the coveted ANCILE “best of” Halloween prizes. Here’s how it all went down this year.

Starting things off with our very own Customer Success area (arachnophobes beware!):


Our wonderfully creative HR team recreated Alice in Wonderland, and what a wonder it was (winner for best team décor):


Need a conference room for your meeting? Enter, if you dare (WINNER for best individual space, our receptionist Pat Caesar really knows how to spook things up!)…

Our Software Engineers are not only good at their job, but they also sure know how to stage an awesome zombie crime scene!


We also enjoy a good old fashioned pot luck lunch, with a friendly chili cook-off on the side. Originating from New Mexico and being a chili aficionado himself (seriously, he once owned a chili business), Mike Domingues was a perfect candidate to serve as judge:




And to cap off the day, we ended things with a Ping Pong tournament rematch between Nick Robinson and Paul Slebzak. It was a close match, both players brought their A game. Any guesses on the winner?


And it was PAUL for the win!! WAY TO GO, Paul!!


Thanks for letting us share our ANCILE Halloween adventures with you. We wish you a spooky, FUN, and safe Halloween!