Use Internet Explorer's F12 Developer Tool to Troubleshoot Problems with your uPerform Website

F12 Tool

Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 11 browser has only been officially supported by ANCILE since the ANCILE uPerform 5.20 release. As Microsoft moves to end IE 7 and IE 8 support soon, more and more customers are upgrading their desktops to IE 11 and ANCILE uPerform to a 5.20 version.

We have seen a jump in Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 (IE 11) related browser support tickets in recent months and while troubleshooting these tickets we’ve found the IE 11 F12 developer tool to be a very useful debugging tool. The IE 11 F12 developer tool can be used to emulate what a webpage will look like if it was rendered in IE 11 or any of the lower IE 11 versions from IE 5 upwards.

The F12 developer tool has also been used to debug and uncover that IE 11 in a few cases has been configured by the customer’s IT team to behave as if it was a much lower, unsupported IE version which has been the root cause of some uPerform web page display issues.

If you have upgraded to IE11 recently and uPerform 5.20.x and are experiencing any web page display issue, consider using the F12 Developer tool to see what version of IE is actually being used to display the web page. Don’t hesitate to log a support ticket via the ANCILE Intelligence Hub or SAP Service Marketplace if you encounter any problems in this area.

For a list of browsers supported by ANCILE uPerform 5.20 see ANCILE uPerform 5.20 Technical Specifications (ANCILE Intelligence Hub Logon required).

For more information about Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 11 see Microsoft’s Internet Explorer help page.

For an overview of the Internet Explorer 11,F12 developer tool see Using the F12 Development Tools on Microsoft’s Developer Network.