Meet Megan Childs – The Newest Member of the ANCILE Customer Success Team

Megan Childs
By Megan Childs

Good morning/afternoon/evening, Larry Blog readers across the world!

I am thrilled to join the ANCILE Customer Success Team, and am currently am doing rotations with each of the scrum teams. As a brand new team member, I have also completed online product training courses, consulted our Knowledgebase, much like many of you did when you began using ANCILE’s products.

Before joining ANCILE, I worked for two other software development companies who provided enterprise products, healthcare solution products, web-based, and mobile applications. In my roles at these companies, I delivered technical support on all levels, from end user support to server migrations and installation services. I also created software documentation and led client training sessions, along with publishing webinars and training videos. My favorite part of working in the software industry is helping people, whether they are an IT department member or a CEO. I love problem solving and making others happy by enabling them to do their jobs better!

I earned my Bachelor’s degree in 2004, but you will never guess what I studied. I’ll give you a hint: the focus was not Information Systems or Computer Science. My B.A. is in English literature with a minor in anthropology. Needless to say, my enthusiasm for software and technology became apparent after I graduated, but I still possess a love for written communication, reading, and learning.

Outside of the office, I am a carpe diem kind of girl and try to live each day to its fullest. I dedicate my free time to adventures with my two year old son, horseback riding, and doing practically anything outdoors. Believe it or not, my son has already learned to ride our retired racehorse and follows in my footsteps as a budding outdoorsman. We go running, play with our dogs in the yard, and head to the beach as often as we can, imagining T-Rex’s and other characters along the way.

I’m looking forward “meeting” you soon on a support ticket or call!