The ANCILE uPerform 5.20.8 Update is Here!

There were cheers coming from the Scrum team room

Which could only mean that uPerform release 5.20.8 was out the door

Scrumming it allowed us to get this release out with a zoom

No defects or stories were left on the cutting room floor


We couldn’t wait for our customers to see our work in 5.20.8

Now all the hotspot text in a list formats as it should

Anonymous users no longer see the NTLM error page

Intra-Link works in PDF and Word output for good


Mass publishing no longer fails during a big load

No more javascript errors when viewing published courses or sims

Course hotspot images display in published HTML or preview mode

In Word and PDF output, document notes now use the note settings of the right margin


Step links and Intra-Links are now focused in published PDF and Word

A hidden note does not display in auto playback mode

Second-level bullet items in notes are published as first level, as preferred

Now spacing between action image and text in step flow


Publishing now recognizes page breaks

The “src” character combination in filenames no longer causes publishing blocks

New accounts created via SAML are the right userID, no fakes

Monitoring service failed when publishing queue contains 150+ items—it now rocks


Disabling notes in the uPerform Editor removes them during playback

Documents now publish to Exercise or Datasheet PDF after an upgrade to 5.20

Reports use the user’s time zone instead of server time zone to help keep on track

Course hotspots with ampersands in published output are no longer slow


A “%” character displays in simulation output displays as it should

The filtering of an assessment report no longer impacts the results returned on the website

After fixing that apostrophe the glossary search now works good

On the end user website, the “show all help documents” now works right


We now account for ADSF in SAML configuration

No more duplicate listings when the account is locked

When using SiteMinder, the Client/Server connection no longer fails, so there is no more frustration

The project widget now returns results for the Custom Assessment because it is no longer blocked


This is just what ANCILE SDIG does. We just Scrum it.


*This is an artistic illustration and may contain abbreviated functionality. Please refer to the ANCILE Intelligence Hub for the official ANCILE uPerform 5.20.8 Release Notes.