ANCILE’s Ongoing Commitment To You, Our Customer

By Dave Baca

Any long-lasting and successful relationship requires periodic retrospection and re-commitment. As ANCILE moves into the second half of 2015, we thought it appropriate to pause a bit to review where we’ve been, how we got here with you, and where we intend to go.

Where We’ve Been

In the first half of 2015, ANCILE has seen a significant year-over-year increase in our customer base. We have welcomed many new customers across all parts of our business….new uPerform customers from around the  globe, a significant growth in uPerform Managed Hosting services customers, a resurgence in new LMS customers through our ANCILE uLearn™ offering, and our first wave of cloud-based customers for ANCILE uAlign™ and ANCILE uGuide™. As a result of this new growth, ANCILE’s global Customer Success team has been busy meeting new customers, understanding their requirements, and caring for each new customer in meaningful ways.  The goal is that they utilize ANCILE’s software solutions and realize ongoing and significant ROI for many years to come.

We got here with over 4400 lifetime customers – by focusing on you, our customer in every aspect of our business: our innovation, our desire to keep your effort level and TCO as low as possible, striving to uphold the highest quality levels, learning from our obstacles and striving to overcome them, and driving meaningful relationships with each of you.

Where We’re Going

In the second half of 2015 and beyond, we’re moving into many new markets to serve entirely new segments of customer markets through our vibrant and growing partner network. Clearly, moving our comprehensive solutions into new markets is meaningless unless we can continue to maintain a high level of satisfaction level with our current customers. So to ensure you fully understand that ANCILE will never lose focus of our existing customers, we have updated our 2020 Lifetime Commitment, which demonstrates ANCILE’s  ongoing commitment to you, our customers, through 2020 and beyond.

So from the entire ANCILE Team, THANK YOU!!

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