Give Your uPerform Website a Makeover

Delivered with ANCILE uPerform are four possible website skins. We provide the default ANCILE uPerform 01, and three additional skins you might like to consider: ANCILE uPerform 02, ANCILE uPerform 03 and ANCILE uPerform 04. Each website skin affects the look and navigation of your performance support website.

It is possible to take any of the skins, make a copy of it and then customize it to include your corporate colors and logo.  If you are thinking about making customizations, or if you already have, you may need to re-apply those changes after upgrading to a new uPerform version.

Here are some resources you can reference for more information on the four available default skins and how to make customizations:

  • The Customizing Options within uPerform chapter of the ANCILE uPerform Administration manual – Find the manual for your version on the Intelligence Hub.*
* Intelligence Hub log in required.

If you’d like to share a screen shot of the customizations you have made to your own websites based on an ANCILE default webskin, ANCILE and our user group community would love to see it! Please reply back to this Larry Blog article with a comment and we will be in touch.