How is Your Training Project Going?

Are you facing tight schedules with limited budgets where you need to document hundreds of transactions in many languages for a geographically-dispersed group of end users who need training before go-live and performance support after having gone live? Do you wonder how you will be able to get the job done in an effective and efficient manner without having a full-time dedicated staff of trainers to develop the documentation? Are you trying to figure out where to put all the documentation which will be created so that it is available when needing during the training phase and after go-live? Do you  wonder how you can put this all together without having information in too many different places?

Well, if you are a licensed ANCILE uPerform®  customer, you have access to some wonderful functionality which will make your life easier! Starting with version 5.0, you can take advantage of the Task Management and Crowd-Sourced Authoring functionality available to accomplish the following:

  1. After setting up the project on the server and identifying which transactions must be recorded, you can assign tasks to Subject Matter Experts (SME) within your organization to create documentation.
  2. The SME can either use the uPerform Client software or the Rapid Recorder to record the transaction and check it back into the project on the server.
  3. The document is reviewed, approved and goes into the publishing queue for availability to trainers and end-users.
  4. Documents can be created in different languages based on the initial document.
  5. The Project Manager can monitor the tasks assigned, percentage complete and use other reports on the Project page within uPerform on a daily basis

In a nutshell:

Crowd-Sourced Authoring in a Nutshell

You can learn more about this functionality by going to our ANCILE Intelligence Hub article named Using Tasks in uPerform, you can see live demos of the functionality in our recorded webinar, Crowd Sourced Authoring and Tasks with uPerform, . For more information on how the Rapid Recorder works, please refer to the Creating Content with ANCILE uPerform® Rapid Recorder manual for your current version in the Manuals, Technical Specifications and Release Notes section of the Intelligence Hub.