ANCILE uPerform – Are You Utilizing its Full Potential?

Full Potential

Many of you have been using uPerform for quite a while now, and are aware of the wide range of possibilities for creating content and making it available to your end users. But the question is: Are you using all the functionality available to accomplish your goals? Let’s find out!

The ANCILE Intelligence Help is an outstanding resource to get you the information you need to understand the ins, outs, lefts, rights, and little nooks and crannies of uPerform. Whether a novice user or full fledged expert, here are a few of our favorite resources that we think you might like:

Don’t forget to check out our ANCILE Community Forum! Post your questions to the community, or just browse and see what others are talking about. The forum is a great way to collaborate with your uPerform peers.

Happy uPerforming! Hope to see you in the forum!