The ANCILE uPerform and uPerform Express 5.20.4 Updates are Now Available

Have you been anxiously awaiting the uPerform 5.20.4 Update? Pondering what we could have done to make our solution even greater than it already is? Have you daydreamed about the robust fixes and enhanced capabilities? To ease the suspense, check out a sampling of the additions that have been incorporated below:

  • The new Delete button allows you to delete audio files from your course pages with ease.
  • Cue Cards display completely when viewing in Internet Explorer 8, Firefox & Chrome.
  • Screenshots are crisp and clear when publishing to PDF and Word outputs in both the Client and Server.
  • The ANCILE03 website skin works like a charm.
  • Connect from the Client to the Server with no worries when using the Optional Domain field in your User Information Source filter
  • SAP GUI 7.40 is now supported.

Ready to get your hands on this update and find out what else is included? Head over to the ANCILE Intelligence Hub now!