What is uPerform Monitoring, Anyway?

Is the ANCILE uPerform Monitoring Service (aka RWD uPerform Monitoring Service in 4.3x & older versions) a mystery to you? Read this to clear things up.

If you’ve spent any time on your uPerform application server, you’ve probably seen the screen above. Besides being a mouthful … ANCILE… uPerform… Monitoring… Service… (Try saying that five times in row), what exactly does it do in the uPerform environment?

The ANCILE uPerform Monitoring Service  acts as a “listener”.  It listens to the Windows Message Queuing service for journal messages. Once it “hears” a message, it executes the necessary processes, whether it’s to kick-off publishing, globalization or user synchronization functionality.

This means the uPerform Monitoring Service must be in Started status for the following uPerform functionality to work:

  • Publishing
  • Glossary Globalization
  • User Import Syncronization

Why is everything waiting?

When your Publishing Queue, Globalization Queue, or User Information Filter Synchronization status is stuck in “Waiting,” you probably need to start or restart the uPerform Monitoring Service. Refer to the following Knowledgebase articles on the Intelligence Hub for more information (log in required):

Documents in Publishing Queue or Globalize Queue Display Waiting Status

User Information Source Filter Hangs on Waiting Status While Synchronizing

What if the service won’t start?

This problem can happen when there are too many ServerErrors.xml files or the ServerErrors.xml file is too large, or when the application server cannot read the ANCILE.uPerform.ServerConfiguration.DLL.config file. To find out more about how to handle this situation, check out the following KB article:

uPerform Monitoring Service Will Not Start

Hopefully this blog post provided some insight for you. As always, if you have any questions, submit a ticket to the ANCILE Customer Success Team!