ANCILE Partnership News and Updates to SAP Service Marketplace

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Did you know that for more than a decade, ANCILE has established partnerships across the globe to deliver learning solutions that support successful software implementations and accelerate user adoption for customers? We have experience partnering with the world’s largest independent software vendors – including SAP, HP, and BMC – as well as with specialized software companies like SunGard, regional value added resellers, and system integrators.

We are very excited to announce two new partnerships: OpenText and Camstar. You can find out more about these partnerships in our press releases.

ANCILE Welcomes OpenText to Partner Community

ANCILE Grows Partner Community With Addition of Camstar Systems

When we partner with other software vendors, we also often partner with them to provide the end customer with excellent product support. Our SAP partner agreement includes that North American licensed customers log support incidents and download software from the ANCILE Intelligence Hub directly. For SAP customers licensed from other countries, the support channel is via the SAP Service Marketplace and SAP Support Portal. In this case SAP Support provides the initial support to their customer questions via incidents logged on the SAP Service Marketplace and ANCILE provide SAP and the customer with development support.

SAP have recently updated their SAP Service Marketplace and SAP Support Portal so we prepared the article linked below to help you navigate the new look SAP Service Marketplace to log support incidents and download ANCILE Products such as SAP Productivity Pak by ANCILE/ANCILE uPerform and SAP Productivity Pak Composer/ANCILE uPerform Express.

Using SAP Service Marketplace to Submit Issues, Download Software, and Obtain Product Keys (Note – Only customers licensed through the SAP Global Maintenance Agreement have access to this article.)