Find out How Two ANCILE Customers Are Using uPerform to Increase Efficiency and Productivity Within Their Organizations

We recently published two great case studies from Columbia Sportswear Company and Animal Health International on how they have integrated uPerform into their daily working routine to revolutionize the way they train and provide real-time Context-Sensitive Help to their employees.

After transforming their business processes from an IT-initiative to global-initiative, Columbia Sportswear was able to change the way they train their employees by assigning the responsibility of developing training materials and providing the training through the subject matter experts (also known as super users) within their organization and “the uPerform documents that were created were paramount in our go live success since they were readily available and very thorough.” This means end users are able to access the documentation on a real-time basis, thereby saving time and money which would normally have been required by the trainer. Having gone through the transformation, Columbia Sportswear has now paved the way to take advantage of the project management and Rapid Recorder functionalities within uPerform which they are hoping to begin utilizing soon.

Animal Health International was also tasked with training employees consistently throughout the global organization and is using uPerform to create work instructions, reference guides and video training which allows employees to “fix problems themselves instead of having to go to the company’s Help Desk and Training teams,” and “enjoying the advantage of context-sensitive help provides” thereby saving time and costs.

To learn more about the benefits of using uPerform as a integral part of the training and performance support needs at Columbia Sportswear Company and Animal Health International, please read more in the following case studies on our website:

Columbia Sportswear Company – A Journey to Global Business Transformation (PDF)

Animal Health International Inc. (AHI) – Increasing Efficiency Across the Board (PDF)