Meet Linda Contreras: Our Newest Customer Success Team Member

By Linda Contreras

My name is Linda Contreras and I recently transitioned from the ANCILE Professional Services Consulting Team to the Orange Army team within the ANCILE Customer Success organization.

I joined ANCILE Solutions as a Professional Services Consultant in 2011. In this role, I assisted ANCILE customers onsite with implementing and upgrading uPerform, performing strategy planning sessions, and conducting uPerform author and administrator training.

I am enjoying the transition from being a road warrior to being an “Orange Army warrior”, and also having more time at home with my family. I am an avid quilter, and I am also finishing up my degree at Bowling Green State University in Ohio. I will receive a Bachelor’s of Technology in Learning Design and Technology in Fall 2015.

Here are some thoughts on my new role in the Customer Success Team:

  • I am finding that my skills with uPerform client and server functionality, and my understanding of customer business processes are helpful in diagnosing and testing customer support issues.
  • My previous experience as a Technical Support Engineer is also proving to be very helpful in researching and testing customer questions and issues.
  • I find that having spent so much time onsite with customers using uPerform, I have a very good understanding of the time demands and scheduling issues our customers face when asking for assistance from ANCILE Customer Success.
  • I have learned that my training experience and interpersonal skills are coming in handy when communicating complex resolutions to customers in ways that are concise and easily understandable.
  • One thing that is the same about being a Professional Services Consultant or a Customer Success Team member – I truly enjoy working with and assisting ANCILE Customers – whether in person, by phone, or by email.

Perhaps I’ve worked with you in your uPerform implementation, strategy planning or training of uPerform, or maybe we have yet to work together through a support ticket. In either case, I am looking forward to providing you with excellent customer care and support through the Customer Success Team!