The 2015 ANCILE Summit Was All About Innovation

Group Photo


Snowy Potomac

The entire ANCILE team descended upon the National Harbor in Maryland last month for our employee summit. It’s always fun to have everyone around the globe get together in one place. There was a lot of snow, catching up with old friends, meeting new people, more snow, dancing, and several musical instruments involved, but the summit is about more than just a good time. It’s about putting our heads together, learning from each other, and coming up with some really great ideas.

Band PracticeThe highlight of the summit this year was a Shark Tank style innovation activity where teams comprised of individuals across the organization pitched new ideas to a team of “sharks.”  It was great to work with new people with different perspectives and get a chance to collaborate with them. The ideas we presented are all top secret (of course) but it’s safe to say you’ll be seeing some exciting and innovative new solutions from ANCILE in the future!