Need to Move a Document to Another Project? Use the File Scrubber!

All uPerform files (.udc, .ulc, etc.) contain content properties that make each file unique. Some of these properties are related to the uPerform website project. The uPerform File Scrubber allows authors to clean up these properties as needed. For example, every uPerform file has a “GUID”, which is a unique identifier specific to that file. When you check in a uPerform file into the server, this GUID is stored as an attribute to essentially remember where it is located. If you try checking the file into another location, you’ll usually see something like the picture below:

Document Check In

Every time you make changes and want to check the file back into the server, it automatically knows which document is being updated and where it’s located. Great! However, what about when you want to check in the file to a different location? This is where the uPerform File Scrubber comes in.

File Scrubber

The Remove information linking files to the server option will remove the old GUID and assign it a new value, allowing you to check in the file into a new location on the uPerform server.

Note: The screenshot above displays the File Scrubber settings in 5.2x. For more information on using File Scrubber in earlier versions, see the Knowledgebase article linked below.

The File Scrubber is a nice tool for your authors and admins to be aware of as they create and manage documents. For information on how to use the File Scrubber, please visit the following knowledge base article available on the Intelligence Hub (requires login to view):

Can I check in a document to another project?