Looking for uPerform Training Resources?

There are many ways uPerform Authors and Administrators come to use the tool. Your company may have purchased uPerform along with implementation services and training, and your whole team may have just gone through that whole process together. Or your company may have purchased uPerform three years ago and you and your team may be the third group to use the tool. Perhaps no one on your current team has had the benefit of the original training and implementation services. You may have new authors you are onboarding after the initial training. uPerform Authors and Administrators need the specific training and consulting support that they need when they need it.

On the Intelligence Hub you can access our knowledgebase, manuals, technical specifications, release notes, and community (log in required). You can also access previously recorded Learning Series presentations covering a huge variety of topics, and sign up for one of our upcoming live webinars. We are hosting a webinar in March that will be great for familiarizing new uPerform administrators!

But what about when you need more? We strive to provide for you a continuum of training and consulting interventions that we hope will be contextual to you; to try to fit just what you need when you need it.

Learn ANCILE uPerform from the uPerform experts. We are really excited to offer a comprehensive free eLearning course for Authors. Its modular, can be taken in small chunks, and learners can focus on only the topics in which they are interested, or take the entire course. The course addresses how to:

  • Record your actions in applications and produce documents and simulations
  • Create eLearning courses with rich interactions, audio, video, knowledge checks, and assessments
  • Preview and publish content
  • Manage your content and collaborate with employees and fellow authors

Asynchronous eLearning author training can be very useful, but what if you need more? Perhaps you have some implementation and project specific question. Perhaps you would like to set up some meetings with an ANCILE consultant to shore up some of your specific training gaps, discuss your implementation strategy, or want to optimize your template or server set up. But you don’t want to dedicate large chunks of time to working with a full-time on-site consultant. We are so pleased to offer virtual training/consulting hours for which you pay as you go. So you can get only what you need, when you need it.

Or you may want to engage with ANCILE on-site for a more intensive engagement. We offer the following:

Implementation Services

Our consultants conduct a planning, analysis and design session to gather customer requirements and then, based on our experience and best practices, we collaborate with you to make decisions on options, customizations, configurations, and integrations for our software. We work closely with your technical team to install the software, conduct post-installation testing, and then implement the software.


To ensure your teams are equipped with the knowledge to fully operate the ANCILE software, we provide functional training for the different user profiles such as content authors or administrators.


To utilize the latest features of your ANCILE software, we help you to move to our latest software version or release by providing migration or upgrade services.

Health Check

Over time, it becomes necessary to evaluate your current ANCILE software implementation and see where improvements might be made. Business reorganization, starting-up business challenges, and employee attrition make it necessary to take a step back and rethink your ANCILE uPerform™ environment. To help get the full potential out of your software investment we can review your current implementation from both a functional and technical standpoint, make recommendations for improvement and optimization, and then help you implement those recommendations.

To learn more about our Professional Services team and what services might be best for you, please visit the Professional Services page on our website.

Have you taken our free eLearning course or worked with any of our Professional Services folks in the past?  Let us know about your experience in the comments!