Which Browsers Can You Use with uPerform? It Depends.

With an endless combination of modern and legacy browsers to choose from, it’s important to make sure you are using a browser that is supported by the version of uPerform you are using, and also a browser that is supported for the specific task you are performing in uPerform.

Testing multiple browsers on multiple platforms isn’t just difficult — it can be virtually impossible without the correct resources. Whether you are thinking of upgrading or making recommendations to your end users, we highly recommend you do a bit of research and select the right browser for the job.

For example, uPerform 5.2 offers support for the following:

  • Viewing content on end user workstations – Microsoft Internet Explorer® 8 – 11; Mozilla Firefox® 17 – 21; Google Chrome 27, or Safari 5.x.
  • Viewing the uPerform admin site on administrator and author workstations – Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 – 11; Mozilla Firefox 17 –21, or Google Chrome 27.
  • Recording browser based applications on uPerform and uPerform Rapid Recorder author workstations–  Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 – 11. (Note: Google Chrome is not an officially supported browser for recording content with ANCILE uPerform but if you need to record in Chrome please see Improve uPerform Recording Results in Google Chrome* for some tips.)

If you are not using uPerform 5.2, you can find out which browsers are supported by your version by checking the Technical Specifications in the Manuals, Technical Specifications and Release Notes section of the Intelligence Hub.*

Making sure you are using the right browser for your version and task will ensure your uPerform users in ever role will have a positive, user-friendly experience!