Is Group Filtering for You?

Have you ever wanted to hide documents within your project from certain groups of people? You might want to select a group of documents to show based on a person’s role, business unit or their geographical location for example. While there may be some common tasks like time sheet entry that all staff will have access to, not all staff need to know how to approve a purchase order. Restricting uPerform content display to a set of users can be achieved by enabling Group Filtering in uPerform.

The high level steps on the uPerform Server are to:

  • Enable Group Filtering in the project settings
  • Create groups
  • Assign content to your groups

Your groups can be manually created by your ANCILE uPerform Administrator or imported based on a group within your active directory.

For more information please refer to the Managing Content with ANCILE uPerform manual, specifically the Managing Users, Roles and Groups chapter and the Working with the Document Library chapter. The manual for your version of uPerform is available on the ANCILE Intelligence Hub (log in required).

Good luck with trying out this great feature. Should you encounter any problems in implementing Group Filtering, please log a support ticket and we will help you further.