Larry's Favorite Things Day Thirteen: YOU!!

Larry loves you

New Year’s is a time of reflection, and looking back in 2014 I can tell you that my friends in  Customer Success have been busy. They started the year with a bang by transforming their organization to Customer Success Scrum Teams. I’m still trying to figure out scrum – sounds like a yummy treat if you ask me. They also launched the ANCILE Intelligence Hub, Team Vanguard, Satisfaction Ratings, brand new Learning Series content, and of course helped me pen some fantastic articles to post on my blog.

So why are they running around like a pack of pups? Well, the answer to this question is my number one favorite thing of all – YOU, our customers. You give us all the motivation and inspiration to continue to improve, innovate, and strive for excellence.

I pawsitivley appreciate you and I know that my friends in Customer Success already have several fantastic activities planned for 2015, so keep checking back for new and exciting announcements! Now, let’s fill some bowls (or glasses if your prefer) with of the finest bubbly water and share a toast to you! Happy 2015 from me and all of your friends at ANCILE Customer Success.