Larry's Favorite Things Day Twelve: My New Blog Pack

Larry loves his blog pack

Earlier this year, my friends at ANCILE transformed their Global Support Team into a Customer Success Team, comprised of six scrum teams. Each of these teams work together as a pack, and I’ve been lucky dog to have them each contribute several informative posts to my blog over the past year. I hope you like these favorites I’ve picked out, and I hope they all received some extra dog bones in their stockings for the hard work they put into them!

The OceansSix team wrote a great post on best practices for using uPerform’s Text to Speech functionality on mobile devices: Let uPerform Speak to Your Users Wherever They Are

The Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. wrote about how you can get more from uPerform by working with our Professional Services team:  How ANCILE Professional Services Can Help Extend Your uPerform ROI 

The Collaborators put together a very informative post on what the uPerform log files can tell us: What’s in a Log? Understanding uPerform Log Files

My buddies on Team Sunrise wrote about how to set up your computer screen and monitor for the best results when recording documents:  Best Practice Screen and Monitor Settings for Recording

The brave warriors of the Orange Army gave advice on cleaning up the disk space on your uPerform server: Server Maintenance: Disk Space Clean Up

Team Cronos put together a post about the fancy new interface of the uPerform 5.2 client: LOVING the New Look of uPerform 5.2 Client Interface!

Our new blog pack has published over 90 new blog posts in 2014 so far! I encourage you take a break and paw through the 2014 archives when you get a chance. I can’t wait to see what we come up with in 2015!