Larry’s Favorite Things Day Nine: Communicating Important information with ANCILE uAlign™

Larry loves uAlign!

Me and my here friends at ANCILE are really excited about one of our new products, ANCILE uAlign™. Here are a few of the cool tricks you can do with uAlign:

  • Set up channels for your pack (all employees, or segmented groups) to receive communication about upcoming events and activities.
  • Keep your pack up to date with procedure and policy changes.
  • Confirmation when messages have been consumed (not just received, but read!) allows for excellent readership tracking.
  • Want to test knowledge related to information being distributed? uAlign lets you add and track questions about the content being consumed.
  • Want to send around a survey to gather feedback? You can do this too.

When a message is sent, the recipient pack (again – all employees, or segmented groups) is notified by email, smartphone/tablet app, and/or when they log into the web interface. Messages can be read and confirmed from smartphones, tablets, and desktop PC’s.

With uAlign, your pack is always informed, aligned, engaged and pawsitively productive!

Here are some examples of how we here at ANCILE use uAlign to communicate with our own pack.

Many of our partners are selling uAlign on the streets as well. A recent press release from SAP, selling uAlign as SAP® Communication Center solution by ANCILE, serves as a nice read.

I sure hope your ears are perked with interested about uAlign! To learn even more, check out our official product reference page.