Larry's Favorite Things Day Seven: The 2014 ANCILE Learning Series!

Larry loves the Learning Series

One of my most favorite things to do this time of year is to catch up on the ANCILE Learning Series. My friends on the Customer Success team worked hard during 2014 to put together some excellent content. Join me while I grab a mug of joe, find a comfy chair, and paw through the listing below.

What’s in a Name? The Benefits of Implementing uPerform Named User Functionality – Are you curious about the benefits of applying user management functionality versus the resources required to execute such features? This webinar summarizes key benefits derived from implementing user management and provides essential information you’ll need to begin internal discussions about resource allocation.

Increase the Effectiveness of Your eLearning with Text to Speech – Adding voice overs to your eLearning content has been shown to increase its effectiveness but can be time consuming, requires additional equipment, and often slows down the development of content. Beginning with ANCILE uPerform version 5, text in uPerform simulations and courses can be transformed into audio using speech synthesis technology with a variety of voices in multiple languages provided by Microsoft. Check out this recorded webinar to learn how to implement Text to Speech and quickly add audio to your uPerform Simulations and Courses without the need for voice over actors or expensive microphones.

ANCILE Intelligence Hub Overview  – Learn how to get around and utilize the new features on our upgraded support website: the ANCILE Intelligence Hub.

Crowd Sourced Authoring and Task Management with uPerform  – Have you ever wished you could have a subject matter expert record a document, or ask a multi-lingual resource to do a translation without the need for uPerform training or even an account on your uPerform server?   Would you like to find out how you can automatically send a request to an author to edit a document, assign a due date, and receive a notification when the updated document has been checked in?  It’s all possible with the Task Management and Rapid Recorder functionality available in uPerform version 5.0 and later.  Find out how you can take advantage of these features in this recorded webinar.

Going Global – Creating and Managing Translations in uPerform – This recorded webinar will show how to set up your uPerform environment for a global audience. Topics covered will include pre-requisite configuration, available languages, steps and methods for translating documentation into other languages and providing translated content to end-users.

Using Glossary with Multiple Languages – Learn how to manage translated terms and definitions in your uPerform Server Glossary.  In this presentation we demonstrate methods to translate definitions individually, and also how to use the Export and Import Glossary functionality, the Export and Import Translations functionality, and the Term Summary by Project report to apply batch translations to your Glossary.

Setting up Context Sensitive Help with uPerform and SAP Portal – Did you know you can setup context-sensitive help in SAP Portal with uPerform? Would you like to know how to get started in providing quick and convenient help to your SAP Portal end-users that is relevant? If this sounds interesting to you, check out this recorded webinar to learn more from our experts!

Creating Rapid eLearning Courses with uPerform – This recorded webinar covers the basic steps to rapidly create an eLearning course with ANCILE uPerform andANCILE uPerform Express. We cover stencils, hotspots, adding resources, creating links, creating popups, importing video files, importing text and images from PowerPoint files, importing simulations and more. After this session you will be ready to create your own eLearning courses!

Any Way You Want Them, That’s the Way You Need Them: A Custom Reporting Journey – In this recorded MicroDemo we will start with standard uPerform reports, then take you on a journey from customizing those to creating brand new reports from scratch.

Going Mobile with ANCILE uPerform – Today’s workforce is more mobile than ever, with the use of tablets and mobile devices becoming common in the workplace. In this recorded MicroDemo you will learn some tips and best practices for creating simulation and course content for your tablet and mobile devices, and how our latest release, ANCILE uPerform 5.2 is able to support additional mobile platforms.

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Happy Learning to all!