Larry's Favorite Things Day Six: A Tablet From Santa!

Larry wants a tablet!

I have written to Santa asking for a tablet for Christmas as I have been a very good dog this year. Not only is a tablet a handy device for both work and fun but I can also play ANCILE uPerform courses and simulations on it. Since the ANCILE uPerform 5.2 release supports the major tablet devices such as iPad, Android and Windows, there is even more choice in the kind of tablet that I might receive from Santa’s workshop.

My friends from ANCILE’s Team Sunrise have recently posted a new 15 minute MicroDemo titled “Going Mobile” available now on the ANCILE Intelligence Hub. I’ll be watching it this week and I encourage you to check it out also, to learn more about ANCILE support for mobile devices and tablets.

I would love to hear news of how your company is using ANCILE uPerform with tablet devices as I am always interested in the new and exciting ways ANCILE’s customers are using ANCILE tools to support their business. You can easily let me know by sharing a comment beneath my blog post today or via the ANCILE Community Forum, accessible from and ANCILE Intelligence Hub home page.

Only 14 sleeps now to wait until Christmas day and hopefully there will be a special delivery for me!