Larry's Favorite Things Day Five: ANCILE uGuide

Larry Loves uGuide

I love getting my paws on new software, and I’m always on the lookout for the next big application.  ANCILE uGuide really has my tail wagging!

uGuide is a new product by ANCILE that helps my human friends quickly create and deliver customized support and help content for all of their favorite  web applications.  Authors quickly create content by recording themselves doing a task, and users get step-by-step help directly on their screen.  It’s like having a seeing eye pug guiding you through your task.  Authors and end users don’t need to worry about installing any software because it all runs from the cloud.  The best part, when content needs to be updated or  viewed in a different language, uGuide detects changes and automatically updates the content on the fly.

My good friend, Dave Lingg, recently demonstrated uGuide at the 2014 TSIA Vision Awards.  If you want to see ANCILE uGuide in action yourself,  check it out here.  Once you see the demonstration, I think you’ll agree with me and add ANCILE uGuide to your list of favorite things too!