Larry's Favorite Things Day Four: A New Webinar on ANCILE Managed Hosting

Larry Loves Making uPerform Simpler
I love holiday seasons of yesteryear because everything seemed like it was so much easier and simpler than those of today….which leads us directly to one of my new favorite things – ANCILE Managed Hosting Services. Just like holiday seasons of yesteryear, this new offering from ANCILE makes everything so much easier and simpler for you, our customer. I’ve heard that upgrading and maintaining your uPerform server can take a lot of time and attention, so why not let my friends at ANCILE handle this important job for you?

The ANCILE team will provide you with a complete ANCILE uPerform server environment, considerably reducing your internal costs and resources required to maintain the ANCILE uPerform server. I’ll bet you my last bone that this ANCILE offering will allow you to focus more on those things that you love doing – developing and delivering learning content.

There is so much more that you should know about my new favorite thing. And anticipating that you’d feel this way, I’ve asked ANCILE to schedule a related Webinar on December 11th, just in time for the holidays! Learn more and register for this upcoming event!

I am pawsitive that ANCILE Managed Hosting Services will become your new favorite thing in 2015!