Larry's Favorite Things Day Two: The Customer Success Transformation

Larry Loves the Customer Success Transformation

At first when I heard the word scrum, I thought YUM, in hopes it involved my treat jar! However, to my pleasant surprise it was the new agile model we implemented this year with our Customer Success Team.

I’m just a dog so I don’t know what this scrum thing is all about, but my friend Dave does, and he wrote more about it here.  All I know is that it allows my friends on the Customer Success team to work as a pack and provide better, faster answers to you. This is why it’s one of my favorite things!

If you haven’t been contacted by my friends on the Customer Success Team just yet, be on the lookout for an invite to meet your team! You can also check out their blog posts from earlier this year to find out more about them. Meanwhile, I’ll be watching for Santa’s sleigh to arrive full of treats!! YUM!!